What Scouts can expect from you


Good behaviour is the joint responsibility of the child, parent and leaders. Everyone is expected to cooperate, follow instructions, and treat people and property with respect. Leaders use positive reinforcement and a reward system to encourage appropriate behaviour


Like most voluntary organisations fundraising is done on a regular basis. Specifically your assistance is required on the day of the Rodney Coast Challenge. This multi-sport event is owned by the Kaukapakapa Scout Group and this one day raises several thousand dollars to subsidize the cost of activities and training reducing the financial burden on all members

Parent Help

We are all volunteers in Scouts and without your help there can be no Scouts.

You will see on the membership application form a list of ways in which you can help


Please come into the hall to drop off and pick up your child. We appreciate it when you promptly collect your child. Please let your leader know if someone else will collect your child


If your child is absent for any reason please contact us