Ditty Bag

What is a Ditty bag? - an old phrase for a personal "things" bag, in Scouts it has our plate, bowl, mug, and cutlery for use on camp

Traditionally it looked like a small duffel bag

The contents don't need to be flash, or camping oriented

A plate with a dish shape helps the "slops on lap" problem

Mugs with large flat bottom tip over less around the camp fire

And just a normal knife, fork, and spoon works fine as the bag keeps them together

Anything strong and lightweight will do. Enamelled plates are nice, but do tend to chip with age. Aluminium are very light but tend to get bent in washing up shenanigans. Melamine plates are good and strong, and will last from Keas to Scout Leader!

It's a good idea is to keep a tea towel in the bag too

For the long term a cloth bag with a draw cord or other closure method is a good idea and it keeps them fresh and lets them dry

Making your own ditty bag is a great project to sew with your children at home, and they can name it in thread, or fabric paint, or what ever you have handy. Remember to name the contents too

The Sailor's Traditional Ditty Bag