Uniform Information

The unifrom shirt looks like this. The badges will go on the sleeves and front panels

The Official Scouts New Zealand Uniform is as follows

Scouts New Zealand official uniform

To order your uniform follow steps on Fees & Payments 

Uniform and Badge Placement Guide

We are proud of Scouting and we require all members to be in the full Scouting uniform once invested. And to only have official badges awarded by Warranted Scout Leaders. Please resist the temptation to "customise" the uniform 

The Kaukapakapa Group Badges

When your child joins the Kaukapakapa Scout group, and the uniform fee is paid, they will get the silver Scout shirt, Waitoru Zone badge, Kaukapakapa Group badge, and their Section (Scout/Cub/Kea) badge. They will get their Kaukapakapa scarf and woogle at their investiture ceremony

How to calculate your shirt size

Keep in mind that your child will experience growth, so be generous in your sizing. And maybe check the shirt sizes of other Scouts on similar size

Please ensure you have correctly calculated the shirt size you require before ordering

Please write your name on the shirt label after you have checked it for size

Size Chart

Unisex youth and adults, short and long-sleeved shirts, the half chest measurement in cm. Taken underarm to underarm of a shirt lying flat

Size 4 - 39.5

Size 6 - 41.5

Size 8 - 45

Size 10 - 47

Size 12 - 49

Size 14 - 51

Small - 55

Medium - 57

Large - 59

XL - 63

2XL - 66

3XL - 70

4XL - 74

5XL - 78

6XL - 82

Ladies style three quarter sleeve shirts, the half chest measurement in cm. Taken 2.5 cm down from armhole

Size 8 - 48.5
Size 10 - 50
Size 12 - 53
Size 14 - 55
Size 16 - 58
Size 18 - 61
Size 20 - 65
Size 22 - 68
Size 24 - 70
Size 26 - 71
Size 28 - 73.5
Size 30 - 76
Size 32 - 78.5


Sewing on Badges

Please use these Scouting NZ guidelines to place your badges

Uniform and Badge Placement Guide: Badge Placement for youth Badge Placement for Adults

This is a great time to introduce your Kea, Cub, or Scout into the art of sewing. One of those life skills everyone needs

Important - Wash brand new shirts first before sewing any badges on, as it may shrink and distort the badges

Method One - Using a sewing machine

Method Two - Hand Sewing

To hand sew on a badge using thread that matches the border colour of badge. If you don’t have a close colour match use; clear or invisible nylon thread

Method Three - Invisible Hemming Tape

Use invisible hemming tape (supermarkets, Spotlight, etc). Plain hemming tape is not double sided. Tape comes in straight lengths so may want to buy the slightly more expensive quilters product called HeatnBond available from Spotlight

General Uniform Care

Iron scarf and shirt from inside. Most badges do not like being ironed, and iron up against them tends to break the stitches over time

If you wash the shirt on a delicate cycle or a slow spin and hang it to dry on a coat hanger, it will need only very little ironing if at all

Rolling the Scarf

Keas, Cubs, and Scouts are taught how to roll the scarf as part of the joining process. This is a Scout secret and cannot be shared