Some of our popular Kea games

Captains Coming (North South East West)

Everyone assembles in the centre of the hall or playing area. Leader calls the commands. Ensure the players know what the actions are before stating the game. Last one doing correct action is out until one person is left. Have some practise runs first

    • Captain's coming - Stand at attention and salute (Middle three fingers of right hand raised close to right side of face)

    • Captain's talking - Stand quietly with right hand raised

    • Parade - Form one large circle

    • Bow (North) - Run to the 'front' of the playing area

    • Stern (South) - Run to the 'back' of the playing area

    • Port (West) - Run to the left side of the playing area

    • Starboard (East) - Run to the right side of the playing area

    • Man overboard - Lie on back and swim

    • Submarines - Lie on back and stick on leg straight up (the periscope)

    • Man the Lifeboats - Find a partner, sit together, and row!

    • Scrub the decks - Get down on hands and knees and do a scrubbing action

    • Climb the rigging - Use hands and legs to act like you’re climbing a ladder

    • Bombs on deck - Lie on front with hand on back of head

    • Captains daughter - Call Woooooh, and twiddle hair

    • Tornado - Spin around on the spot

    • Thunder - Clapping hands

    • Rain - Wiggle their fingers up and down

    • Hurricane - Run around making wind noises

Clothespin Tag

Clip a clothespin to the back of every Keas shirt. Try to get the other players' clothespins without letting anyone get your clothespin. When your clothespin is taken or falls off, you're out. The last player with a clothespin wins. Use different colours for posses or teams

Blob Tag

Select two players to hold inside hands and start as the “Blob”. The other players scatter throughout the play area. The Blob chases the other players and attempts to tag them by using their outside hands. Once touched, a player joins the Blob by holding hands. When four players make up the Blob, the Blob is divided in half, and now there are two blobs. Each blob continues to grow and split when they have four players. This continues until all players have been caught. Restrict play area to make game faster

Crab Soccer

Divide the Keas and adults present into 2 groups. Mark goals with cones, chairs or rope. Use a normal soccer type ball, or balloon if inside. Players sit on the floor (ground) with feet flat on the floor and place both of their hands palms downwards and fingers facing outwards next to them on the ground. To play they lift their bodies up and walk on their hands and feet or scuffle like a Crab and trying to kick the ball to their goal and defend the other team’s goal It is a good idea for players to take their shoes off

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

Pair off Keas. One is blindfolded; the other uses words to get blindfolded person through obstacle course

Ants and the Elephant

One Kea is designated the elephant, and must lay on his back on the ground, unmoving. The rest of the Kea’s are the ants and must travel on their hands and knees. Their challenge is to work as a group to lift and carry the elephant a certain distance without using their hands

Duck Duck Splash

Similar to duck duck goose. One child has a paper cup of water and walks around the outside of the circle of Keas (whom are facing inwards). They say duck as they go past each person (one lap maximum) until they pick one person, and instead of saying duck they splash them with the water. They then have to run around the outside of the circle being chased by the splashed person until they get back to the splashed person’s spot and sit down. Elder Kea or Leader is to hand out water. Expect to get wet!

Joey in the Pouch

The Keas leap and hop around the room. At the leaders signal they all turtle (crouch down with eyes closed and hands over eyes). The leader covers one child with a blanket. On a signal from the leader the other children jump up and try to guess who is “in the pouch”

Kea Soup

The Keas form a line along a wall. The leaders form a circle in the middle of the room and pretend to be stirring a giant pot. With an adult prompter to help ask the questions the Keas call, “What are you making?” and then leaders answer “Kea soup!”. Keas ask “What are you putting in it?” and leaders reply “Kangaroos”. Then Keas ask “What else?” the leaders say “Ketchup”. This continues until leaders reply “Keas!” and the Keas rush across the room to the other side and the leaders try to tag them. Any children caught join the leaders to help make the soup

[ Kidney beans, Kippers, King fish, Kumquats, Kale, Kaiser rolls, Kiwifruit, Kebabs, Kettle fries, Kellogg’s corn flakes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Kelp, Karrots, Kit Kat bars, Kangaroo steak, KFC, ]

Buried Treasure

Hide “gold coins” or other such things the night before. Explain the search area, and let them at it


One person hides. Everyone else counts to thirty and the spreads out and tries to find them. When found you hide with them

Try to find a hide bigger enough for everyone!

Scavenger Hunt

    • A dirty sock. Ask if not yours

    • A pine cone...the bigger the better

    • A maple leaf

    • A four leaf clover. (Bonus points for the group who actually finds one)

    • Something natural that is red

    • Something natural that is smelly. Not animal or poo

    • Something to dig a hole with

    • A worm

    • A maple leaf

    • Something soft

    • Something hard

    • Something fuzzy

    • Something that smells (not poo)

    • Four pieces of litter

    • Something natural that is red

    • A birds nest, don’t touch it! Just remember where it is

    • A marshmallow

    • An outdoor light, don’t touch it! Just remember where it is

    • A worm

    • A Gecko

    • A flower

Add other items appropriate to the area you are playing in. Try to use words that Keas can read

Flax Wood Carving

Save the long woody flax flower stems when dry. Keas can carve these into boats, cars, statues, dolls, whatever using a small kitchen paring knive. Remember; carve away from your hand


The players sit in a circle. One player starts by clapping and then the person on their left must clap and so on all the way round the circle. The idea of the game is to see how fast you can send the clap around the circle. Once this is mastered try reversing the clap each time it reaches a certain player or sending more than one clap around


The players sit in a large circle. One player starts the game by doing something to the person on their right. This must be done without any laughter, giggling or smiling. They then pass the action on to the next player and so on. Anyone who giggles, laughs or smiles is out

Ha Ha Ha

All players lie on their backs next to each other. The first person lays their hand on the tummy of the person next to them and laughs one time, saying “Ha”. The second person does the same, but instead says “Ha Ha”. The play continues in this fashion. A player is out when they laugh (not in turn), or doesn’t say the right number of Ha’s. The Winner is the last person left

Little and Large

Equipment: Large and small ball or game stick

Players stand in a large circle around the leader. The small ball is passed around the circle from player to player. The leader passes the large ball to a player at random who must return it to the leader. If any player drops either ball or passes the wrong one they are out and sit down. Play continues until only one player is left