Introduction to Scouting

Introduction to Scouting

Scouting was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell (BP) in England in 1907. In Aotearoa New Zealand, Scouting first started in July of 1908 in Kaiapoi

Today Scouting is a global Movement, with over 50 million Scouts, both young people and adults, in over 200 countries and territories!

Scouts is the world’s largest non-formal youth education movement!

While every National Scout Organisation is different, we all share similar goals and values, and there are traditions and symbols used by Scouts all over the

world. These include Scout scarves, the Scout sign/three finger salute, and the left handshake

SCOUTS New Zealand is a diverse and vibrant Movement that welcomes everyone and celebrates the different values and experiences brought by all of our members

One of the first things you do when you join any section of Scouting is to learn about Scouting. To help you do this, you should complete the ‘Introduction to Scouting’. This will help you to understand what Scouting is all about